For a balanced and beautiful life
For a balanced and beautiful life

The corporate culture

The Balance Life ecosystem is a house where everyone can freely meet, share, experience, work, contribute, learn... together to bring about a balanced and beautiful life and societ.

Because living and working are experiences and learning opportunities, BALANCE LIFE has a clear understanding and always aims for a BALANCED & FREE life, ensuring the principles of BALANCE & SIMPLICITY with the following cultures and values:
  • Each person only has assigned tasks and responsibilities (assigned by the organization) without hierarchy or upper and lower levels, so any employee can approach anyone in the company and communicate or collaborate directly with that person without needing to go through a chain of command or permission.



  • Rules & Regulations are necessary but they are human-made elements with the most suitable nature at the time. Therefore, we don't have to follow or apply rigid, defensive, instructive, or outdated rules. We use common sense as a guide. Each of us needs the ability, confidence, and courage to protect the reasons why, regardless of obstacles, rules, to excel in tasks or goals set forth.





  • Minimize large format meetings unless they are truly valuable for all participants. Keep it simple, concise, and efficient.

  • Avoid frequent meetings unless the subject is urgent.

  • If you feel your presence is not necessary in a meeting or adds no value, you may choose not to attend.






  • Avoid using technical terms or jargon that may be difficult to understand. Use simple and clear language when communicating. Employees should not have to memorize a glossary to communicate effectively. Always be sincere, respectful and straightforward, and do not shy away from confrontation.







  • Always remind yourself to come back to self-observation, knowing one's state is enough, without hurting others, blaming others, or wasting time with regret, sorrow, and lamentation...

  • Always focus on the present, relationships, and connections, making sure they are simple, strong, and as beautiful as possible.

  • Always be sincere, ready to support and find ways to support anyone, anytime, anywhere if asked or seen as necessary.

Leadership Team
Vision, Sensitivity, and Determination are the core values that our leadership has contributed and spread to create the value foundation at our company.